Sunday, August 29, 2010

New photos part sixtyeight

Good morning! N956N and N959N are shown today...enjoy!

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Skip said...

As NCA Station Agent 1959-1968 at almost a dozen smaller stations, I watched many and various types of airplaces from ole yeller Cub, corporate types, WW II along with 4-prop Viscount's & Electra's land and takeoff. Also my time was the beginnings of Caravel, DC-8, 707 & 880 pure jet service.
I also accumulated couple hundred model autos, most from 1900 to 1960's when I stopped collecting because they'd lost their individuality. Designs had went from unique to bland in appearence.

One finds mostly the same blandness parked at todays airports.

Remembering those many earlier day crushed hat WW II pilots, makes me wonder if pilots of later days would not rather be flying earlier day a/c versus the sleek modern day computer driven a/c? Absent benefits of the new stuff. Skip
PS: I do like seeing again the NC DC-9 pic's, indeed they have their own uniqueness!