Monday, June 21, 2010

New photos part fortyone

Hello all! I'm happy to add two, great Convair photos today of N2042. I particularly like the head on shot...which reminds me of my days as a kid at Mankato Airport. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I think that top photo is at CWA.


Skip said...

Reminds me of times standing on the ramp to put the nose wheel on the spot. Those spinning props appeared to be coming up the ramp faster and faster, pulling you in and causing your eyeballs to stay glued on them, as the a/c made its 90 degree turn to hit the spot.
I'm thinking those big 580 props could he hypnotizing. You had to resist the idea of reaching out and touching them. Skip

Skip said...

Speaking of props, they caused me a minor bet loss. The bet, "Viscount props spun in reverse direction of the United DC-4 also coming up the ramp?"