Monday, November 2, 2009

New Herman Gift Ideas

Hello everyone! I was recently forwarded a list of North Central Airline's clothing gifts from a fellow blog reader that I'd like to share with all.
The company's name is TRULY YOURS, based out of Oscoda, Michigan and I contacted them recently about making an order...and glad I did! Sharon, one of the owners, contacted me right away, set up the order and mailed the shirt, sweatshirt and zip-up sweatshirt very quickly.
I HIGHLY recommend these shirts/sweatshirts to anyone that would like to wear Herman! Excellent quality. Great for gifts as well.
I've attached a copy of the list Sharon sent me for all to see. Simply click on the photo for larger/better viewing. Enjoy!!

TRULY YOURS, signs & shirts
116 N. State St.
Oscoda, MI. 48750
Scott & Sharon Ostrander, owners

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George said...

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