Sunday, November 9, 2008

North Central's First DC-9-50

I received a nice set of photos from our good friends Dave DeBace and Terry Love recently and wanted to share with everyone. They are a few shots of the first DC-9-50 Series that North Central purchased, #851, during the signing ceremony. Pete Wahl and Red Wallis are in attendance (note Wallis' tie!). You'll also notice Hal Carr as well as Richard DeBace (yes, Dave's Dad and the Head man on MEC) along with Bob Rubens (Head of NCA Pilot Union). They were instrumental in having the Three Man Rule (3 pilots) voted out of ALPA so North Central could buy the DC-9-50. It took nearly two years for the leg work to be completed for the rule to be voted on before delivery of the aircraft! Of note too, Hal Carr would've never bought the airplanes had they stayed with the Three Man Rule. Enjoy these rare shots at history...:)

On a side note, I'll add the North Central DC-9-50 Test Flights video shortly.

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