Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kids and Convairs

Recently, I'd bid and won an old Air Line Pilot magazine from Ebay, specifically because they were highlighting Republic Airlines. It arrived in the mail and I began to peruse the articles and photos. The article was created, mostly, due to the fact that Republic had 'survived' the early 1980's fuel and fare wars and was looking to the future. Near the end of the main article, I noticed another shadowboxed article titled 'Kids and Convairs,' as I smiled a bit and read on. It followed some of the Republic Convair 580 Crews around the smaller stations of the system (not Mankato though!) and discussed the end of subsidies to these cities, and subsequent 'pulling out' of those stations. It intrigued me, as I recalled the last Republic flight into Mankato back in 1983 myself. In essence, the end of an era. I've attached the article regarding the Convairs.

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